Lauren Rossi


Exceeding expectations.  

Lauren Rossi is the principal of VISUELLE Design Group founded in 2017 as a unique design studio offering clients personalized design services which are of quality, creative, and lifestyle based.  The VDG vision is to provide fresh perspectives and services of the highest level of distinction from concept discussions to final reveal based on the collaboration between client and designer.  The result is a design setting reflecting the current and future desires and needs of the client.  Lauren’s design and material selections take their cue from the context of architectural detail and the surrounding environment.  Lauren stewards each detail through seamless encounters to deliver exquisite award-winning results.

Lauren views her role as the designer…

To listen and hear what her client communicates verbally and physically…

To inspire, offer options, educate, gather resources, and to collaborate…

To complete the project timely, uniquely, and mutually satisfying.

Lauren Rossi is an Arizona native and a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Arizona State University.  Her career history is in accounting, real estate, and design.  As an ASID member, she has affiliated with some of the most awarded builders, developers, including Mark Candelaria of Candelaria Design and Tiffany Brooks Interior of Chicago in affiliation with HGTV’s 2017 Smart Home.

VISUELLE Design Group has been recognized in 2018 by the American Society of Interior Designers as representing excellence in interior design by successfully addressing client objectives and demonstrating creativity and skillful problem-solving.

Lauren resides in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband, daughter, and their boston terrier.  As a family, they enjoy traveling, exploring the outdoors, and practicing yoga.



One of Lauren’s core beliefs is creativity and completion are the result of collaboration and teamwork.  Each member of the team-the client, the designer, the contractor, and the tradesmen-is valued and respected for providing unique input culminating in manifesting the client’s perceptions.  Lauren respects leaders in their design crafts; a mutual respectful relationship is earned through a shared vision and dedicated workmanship to deliver unparalleled results.  Award-winning artisans in their respective design industries strive to work together in teamwork and partnership to provide expertise to one another throughout each project resulting in client satisfaction.

Exceptional design partners include; Aztec Marble, Granite & Interiors, Burdette Cabinet Co., Inc., David E. Adler Fine Rugs, Kravet, Facings of America, Ferguson, Waterworks.

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